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Video Trade List
The Internet Movie Data Base
A comprehensive lists of video traders
Video Trading Message Board at GROUPS.GOOGLE.COM - First, enter "Alt.Video.Tape-Trading" in the search box, click on search, and either read the results, OR click on the link "Alt", then scroll down to the parameters contained in the drop down box(usually between U and W)and click on  that category. Then click on "Alt.Video", and finally click on "Alt.Video.Tape-Trading"
                     Questionable Traders

I have read about several people who you will take chances with if you trade with them, and I took these names from the tape-trading message board at YahooGroups. Make your own decisions about trading with them.

  Jeff Becker (bballj62@a....)
  Marc Anthony  (,
   186 Washington boulevard
    Suite 2
   Boardman, Ohio, 44512
  "Jamie"  (jamiestv@w.....)

  Click here for more QUESTIONABLE TRADERS

  I also want to mention that I personally was not too terribly thrilled about the responses made by when I turned down his or her selection of movies for trade. Anyone else deal with this person, and had a similar experience?   
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