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Baywatch / Baywatch Hawaii
Sweet Valley High
Batman: The Animated Series
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (4 episodes)
In Living Color
Darkwing Duck (1 episode)
Saturday Night Live
The Ben Stiller Show (1 episode)
Dinosaurs! (3 episodes)
Going To Extremes (1 episode)
Young Indiana Jones
Country Estates (pilot)
Family Dog
Twilight Zone (original)
The Twilight Zone (1985 CBS version)
The Twilight Zone (1989 - syndicated version) taping in progress...
Parker Lewis Can't Lose / Parker Lewis
Saved By The Bell: The College Years
Going Home
Tomes And Talismans (episodes 12 & 13)
Growing Pains
Walter & Emily (1 episode)
The Adventures Of Briscoe County Jr.
Family Man
3rd Rock From The Sun
Walker, Texas Ranger
Lois & Clark (1 episode)
The Simpsons
The Byrds Of Paradise (7 episodes )
My So Called Life
Daddy's Girls (all 3 aired episodes)
Drexell's Class (5 episodes)
Chip & Pepper's Cartoon Madness
Babylon 5 (1st episode only)
Earth 2 (some episodes)
Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (some episodes)
Sonic The Hedgehog (A.B.C. version)
Step By Step
The Good Life (All episodes)
California Dreams
Route 66 (1992 version)
Police Squad!
Where I Live (1 episode)
A.J.'s Time Travelers  (2 episodes)
Out Of This World (3 episodes)
Just The Ten Of Us
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Guys Next Door (6 complete, 2 partial)
Nasty Boys ("Crossover")
Charles In Charge
Ferris Bueller
Alf Tales (1 episode)
Roomies (4 episodes)
Brotherly Love
Renegade (1 Episode)
Northern Exposure
Beverly Hills 90210
The Adventures Of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Roggin's Heroes
Camp Wilder (12 of 19 episodes)
Eerie, Indiana (all)
American Gladiators
Dr. Quinn; Medicine Woman
Quantum Leap (3 episodes)
Tales From The Crypt
Cro (17 episodes of ? episodes)
Great Scott! (2 episodes)
Saved By The Bell
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
The John Larroquette Show
The Late Show, With Conan O'Brien (1st Episode)
Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (game show)
Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego? / Where In Time Is Carmen San Diego?
The Home Court (1 episode)
Seaquest DSV / Seaquest 2032
Space Rangers (1 episode)
Robin's Hoods (1 episode - #12)
House Of Buggin' (6 episodes of 10 made)
The Critic
High Sierra Search And Rescue
'Round The Twist
Vanishing Son
Forever Night
High Society
Head Of the Class
Masked Rider
Reboot (All 3 seasons )
The Mommies
Bringing Up Jack (both episodes)
Little House On The Prarie
On Our Own (ABC Comedy tv series, 1994-1995)
The Hardy Boys
Mighty Max (2 episodes)
Red Dwarf
Double Rush (all episodes)
The Watcher (1 episode)
Blade Warriors (1 episode)
Law And Order
The New Red Green Show
King Of The Hill
Mummies Alive!
Blaster's Universe
One World
Hang Time
The Bugaloos
Sigmund And The Seamonsters
H.R. Pufnstuf
Ocean Girl
Even Stevens
Now And Again
Once And Again
The Visitor
Dreams (2 episodes)
The Young Ones
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Fawlty Towers
Unhappily Ever After
The Norm Show / Norm
The George Wendt Show (all episodes)
Clerks (All 6 animated episodes, plus broadcasted versions)
Boy Meets World
The Weekenders
Squirt TV (5 of 6 episodes made on Mtv)
Red Planet
Parenthood (1 episode)
All-American Girl
Saturday Morning Videos
Party Of Five
The Voyage Of The Mimi
The Second Voyage Of The Mimi
Stargate SG-1
The Weird Al Show
Unsolved Mysteries
America's Funniest Home Videos
The Mickey Mouse Club (Mid-90's version)
The Torkelsons / Almost Home
My Guys (1 1/2 episodes)
Mega Man (7 episodes)
Pacific Blue
Problem Child (animated)
Ready Or Not (2 episodes)
Jonny Quest - The Real Adventures
Something So Right
The Outer Limits (Showtime/ syndicated versions)
Mr. Rhoads (all but 2 aired episodes)
Captain Planet
Land's End (1 episode)
Wizards And Warriors ( 6 0f 8 episodes made)
The Dangerous Film Club
Max Headroom
The Original Max Talking Headroom Show
Brother's Keeper
Peter Benchley's Amazon
Normal Life (1 episode)
Early Edition
Harsh Realm
Reading Rainbow
Young Hercules
The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog
The Others
Psi Factor
Clarrisa Explains It All
The P.J.'s
The Hogan Family
Oh Grow Up
The Drew Carey Show
Xyber 9; The New Dawn
Mysterious Island
VR Troopers
Promised Land
Over The Top (all episodes)
Maloney (3 episodes)
Eagle Riders
FX: The Series
Little Women
Little Men
Grizzly Adams
Second Noah (all 21 episodes)
The Dana Carvey Show
The Time Tunnel
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Growing Pains
Ship To Shore
Space Cases
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (7 episodes only)
Bailey Kipper's P.O.V. (all episodes)
Boogie's Diner (3 episodes)
Rawhide (3 episodes)
P.E. T.V.
Grace Under Fire
Big Brother Jake (1 episode)
How The West Was Won
Who's The Boss (3 episodes)
New Kids On The Block (animated saturday morning cartoon)
Doctor Doctor (1 episode)
The Crow: Stairway To Heaven (all)
Flash Forward
Cracker (U.S. version)
City Guys
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries
Chicago Hope
Just Shoot Me
Ultimate Goosebumps
Sports Illustrated For Kids
The Littlest Hobo (1980's, 1990's)
Zoom (recent versions, 1st, 2nd & 3rd seasons)
Pressure 1 / Pressure 2
Peer Pressure
That 70's Show
Student Bodies
Disney's Hercules
Nowhere Man
Signifigant Others
Madigan Men
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Relativity (2 episodes)
The Tomorrow People (original version from the '70's - all episodes)
The Zack Files
Nascar Racers
Love And Money (all episodes)
The New Addams Family
Pacific Blue
Net Talk Live!
Mr. Bean
Maybe This Time (1 episode)
Ally McBeal
Murphey Brown (Paul Ruebens guest appearances only)
Real T.V.
Family Matters
Thunder Alley
The Benny Hill Show
Mad TV
Out Of The Blue (1994) (3 episodes)
Tucker (all 4 aired episodes)
Freaks And Geeks
Just Deal
Normal, Ohio
You Can't Do That On Television
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension
Opposite Sex
Hull High (All 6 aired episodes)
Malcolm In The Middle
City Of Angels
Wind On Water (both episodes)
Big Bad Beetleborgs / Betleborgs Metallix
Dragon Ball Z
Flash Gordon (animated - 1990's)
Hey Dude
Wild And Crazy Kids
Encore, Encore
Family Guy
Get Real
Doctor Who (all)
Weird Science
Malibu, Ca.
USA High
7th Heaven
Teen Angel
You Wish
Mysterious Ways
The Geena Davis Show
Tarzan (syndicated  - 1992 - 1998)
Hypernauts (all aired episodes)
Stark Raving Mad (1 episode)
America's Funniest Home Videos
Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Eyewitness Video
Making The Band
Thanks (2 episodes)
Two Of A Kind
Sandblast (1 episode)
The Lone Gunmen
Then Came You (all episodes)
Bug  Juice: Our Summer At Camp (various episodes)
The Job
The Silver Surfer (1 animated episode)
The Campbells
Degrassi Junior High
Max Glick (10 episodes + movie)
The Magnificent Seven (1 episode)
Figure It Out
All That
Wild And Crazy Kids
What Would You Do?
Skippy (the bush kangaroo)
What About Joan? (1 episode)
Legends Of The Hidden Temple
Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place
Chris Cross
The Wonder Years
Destination Stardom
Dave's World (1 episode)
The Hogan Family
Veronica's Closet
The Time Of Your Life
The Journey Of Allen Strange (1 episode)
Going Home
Salute Your Shorts
Wacky Races
Cold Feet (1 episode)
The Pretender (just a few episodes)
Profiler (a few episodes)
Turks (1 episode)
Moonlighting (1 episode)
Supercarrier (1 episode)
That's Life (1996 - Comedy)
The Abbott And Costello Show
The Beachcombers (1 episode)
The Eddie Files (1 episode)
The Adventures Of Pete And Pete (3 episodes)
La Femme Nikita
Boston Public
Quincy (1 episode)
Strange Universe (1 episode)
8 Track Flashback (1 episode)
Twice In A Lifetime
Night Gallery
Action Man (1 episode)
Millenium (2 episodes)
Million Dollar Mysteries
You Don't Know Jack
Go Fish
British Airwaves
Chicago Hope (1 episode)
Love American Style (1998)
Scientific American Frontiers
Caroline In The City (1 episode)
Everybody Loves Raymond (1 episode)
Gentle Ben (1 episode)
Hiller And Diller
Seinfeld (3 episodes)
Mr. Dress-Up (1 episode)
Buddy Faro (1 episode)
Spy T.V.
So Weird
In A Heartbeat
Friday The 13th: The Series
So Little Time
The Beast
Stressed Eric (2 episodes)
Bus No. 9 (1 episode)
Nickelodeon Sports Theatre (1 episode)
Pauley (1 episode)
Lizzie McGuire
S Club 7(...In Hollywood/In L.A./Go Wild)
Guinness World Records
The Partridge Family (1st Episode)
The Monkees (1 episode)
Sail Away
Screech Owls
Night Visions
The Wayne Brady Show
Dead Last
Northwood (1 episode)
Peaceable Kingdom (1 episode)
Scariest Places On Earth
The Nightmare Room
Moolah Beach
Dan August - "Double Jeopardy"
What's With Andy?
Wolf Lake
Disney's "The Legend Of Tarzan"
Players(1997) (2 episodes)
SK8 ("Skate")
Tales From The Never Ending Story
Maybe It's Me
Bette (1 episode)
Bob Patterson
American High (2 episodes)
A.L.F (started airing 11/5/2001 on the Hallmark channel)
Project U.F.O (1 episode - from a TV Land airing)
Union Square (1 episode)
Sinbad Jr. And His Magic Belt / Sinbad The Sailor Jr.
Something Wilder (1 episode)
The Tick
Ghost Stories
Dexter's Laboratory
Johnny Bravo
Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Big Foot And Wildboy (3 episodes)
Once A Hero (video version) ca. 1987
Disney's Return To Treasure Island (eps. 1, 2, 9, 10)
The Zany Adventures Of Robin Hood (video version)
Voyagers! (all episodes, but two are partial)
Glory Days
That 80's Show
Dusty's Trail (1973) (re-edited into "The Wackiest Wagon Train In The West")
Leap Of Faith
Survivor Marquesas
Galidor - Defenders Of The Outer Dimension
Dead At 21 (all 13 episodes)
Mr. Paracelsus,Who Are You? (unsold t.v. pilot, 1966 - *very rare*)
All the following were indeed television shows at one time or another. Most of what I have are partial runs, some are complete runs, others are single episodes, or pilot episodes.  Another way to determine what I have is by going to my TV Want List (click here). Some of
the shows I list below I am missing episodes of, and on my want list page are listed those I've determined are so far missing from my collection. If It isn't listed there, I probably have it

  There are some tv shows I am forced to list my own episode guide for, as I could find none for any of them on the internet. To view them (click here)