A Website for the exchange of recorded materials on VHS / NTSC, Betamax and DVD formats. Laserdisc and Pal formats may also
be accepted as trade, depending on what it is. 
If you are looking for certain recorded programs, then so am I. Click on the appropriate buttons on the left of this page
to view either my library of tapes, or to see
the programs I wish to trade for,keeping in
mind I only trade, no purchases. I can record any program on this site in the VHS / NTSC,  Betamax and DVD formats.
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Explanation Of Service:
  I merely am someone, probably like you, who enjoys watching and collecting video recordings of various kinds, as they interest me. Up to now, it has been primarily for my
own viewing pleasure, and the occasional loan to freinds and relatives. Surfing the net, it became evident that there were others who would be willing to trade videotape copies as
well, so in that thinking, I too have set up a site for just such a purpose.

  All I ask of anyone that might contact me is that they are serious about trading, and that
they would be honest. It is illegal to sell tapes, or make a profit in the transaction, so any
costs incurred in shipping tapes to the prospective person will be absorbed by the sender, as
well as the cost of the videotape.

  Trades will be conducted as follows:
       1:  Movie for movie, episode for episode, or run time for run time.
       2:  Professionally made tape(storebought) for number of programs wanted.
       3:  Two blank VHS tapes for wanted recordings, if one does not have any recordings
             that I want. (I will accept old Betamax format tapes as well)

   I am not too fussy about what brand one would use in recording (please, no TOZAJ tapes),
   except that they must be new, clean, undamaged, and unspliced.

   Some recordings that I may have of  t.v. shows would vary in quality due to storms, rain
  fade, broadcast interruptions, sunspots, bulletins, etc. etc., and any recording that I should
  be asked to make will be noted with such problems so that you may decide if you still
  want a recording from me.

    I've always considered a poor recording of a rare broadcast better than none at all, until
   one can get a better copy.

   This being said, I now direct you to the choices to the left and above..........
This page was last updated on: May 9, 2008
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This site's construction is ongoing..........

Check back about once a month, as I try to add new movie and TV show titles every month .
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