These are recordings of a diverse nature that I have, and will trade for.
1 - 200:     What Really Happened To Adolph Hitler?
                   Lucy And Desi: A Home Movie
                   Cheers: Last Call
                   The Late Show With David Letterman Video Special
                   Secrets Of The Unknown
                   Saturday Night Live Halloween Special
                   Hitler And Stalin: A Legacy Of Hate
                   Circus Of The Stars
                   Crashes, Splashes, And Wipeouts
                   Doctor Who: Resistance Is Useless
                   Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary Special
                   2Hip Freestyle Competition
                   Empire Of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio
                   TV Or Not TV
                   The Civil War (P.B.S. television)
                   Doctor Who Then And Now
                   All In The Family 20th Anniversary Special
                   Turning Point: The Battle Of The Bulge
                   Images Of 1994: A Year In Review
                   When Worlds Touch
                   The Search For Amazing Treasures
                   Sun International Resort - The Lost City - South Africa
                   American Cup Gymnastics
                   Nature: The Emerald Isle
                   A Comedy Salute To Andy Kaufman
                   You Be The Judge
                   In Concert: Bob Dylan (featuring Tom Petty)
                   Doctor Demento's Greatest Novelty Videos Of All Time
                   The Clio Awards
                   Before They Were Stars 2
                   Freestylin' At The Spot
                   An All Star Word From Our Sponsor
                   500 Nations (Parts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8)
                   The Brady Bunch Home Movies
                   The Funeral Of Richard M. Nixon
                   Montgomery Clift: His Place In the Sun
                   Haunted Lives
                   The Laugh-In Valentine's Day Special
                   Judy Tenuta
                   The Making Of "Doctor Who"
                   Saturday Night Live's Presidential Bash , parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
                   Globewatch: "New Thinking In Hungary"
                   Lincoln (P.B.S. television)
                   Death: The Trip Of A Lifetime" (parts 1 & 2)
                   The Best Of America's Funniest Home Videos
                   A Word from Our Sponsor 2
                   The Carol Burnette Show - A Reunion
                   From Cabin to Capitol (a history of Des Moines, Iowa)
                   American Bandstand's Teen Idols
                   The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: The Making Of A Movie Classic
                   Unsolved Mysteries 100th Episode Special
                   Michael Jackson Special
                   David Letterman's 10th Anniversary Special
                   Bob Hope's 90th Birthday Special
                   Brought To You By: SANTA
                   Oprah Winfrey's Interview Of Michael Jackson Special
                   Laugh-In's 25th Anniversary Special
                   Best Of Christmas Time - Laugh-In Past, Christmas Present
                   How To Irritate People
                   Later, with Bob Costas: Interview Of Mel Brooks
                   Morton & Hayes
                   48 Hours: Aftershock
                   Great Moments In Television
                   Party for the Planet
                   Behind the Scenes Of "Pocahantas"
                   Too Hot To Skate
                   ABC's Friday Night On The Spot
                   The Mystery Of The Sphinx

201 - 400:  Night Of The Headless Horseman
                 Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore (Episodes 1 through 6)
                 ABC's Beatles Anthology Series, (Parts 1, 2, 3)
                 48 Hours: "Isn't It Romantic?"
                 Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Special Edition)
                 "78"  (a film short)
                 The 1900 House
                 Put It To The Test
                 Atlantis - In Search Of A Lost Continent
                 Iowa Interurbans, Volume 1
                 Planet Of Life: "Ancient Oceans"
                 The Making Of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"
                 Circus!: 200 Years Of Circus In America
                 Ballyhoo! The Hollywood Sideshow
                 A&E Biography: Albert Speer
                 In Concert: Tom Petty
                 In Concert: KISS
                 The Price Is Right 25th Anniversary Special
                 PeeWee's Playhouse Infomercial
                 Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth
                 Christmas In Washington
                 Beyond The Screen: "Wallace And Grommit"
                 New Kids On The Block At  Disney's MGM Studios - Wildest Dreams
                 Behind the Scenes With "D3, The Mighty Ducks"
                 The 1995 Clio Awards
                 The Real World Reunion
                 The Real World Special
                 Lost Footage From "Heavy Metal"
                 Christmas Videos On VH-1  (6 hours - 1997)
                 Royal Secrets: Murderers
                 Great Palaces Of The World: The Summer Palace, Beijing, China
                 Real Ghosts  3
                 The Red Hot Chili Peppers Interview Special
                 Jackson 5 Retrospective
                 The Motown Story/ A Fairy Tale
                 The 1996 Clio Awards
                 Cartoons Go To War
                 Theremin - An Electronic Odyssey
                 Minister Of Hate
                 Tom Petty: Going Home
                 The New Explorers, with Bill Kurtis: "The Mystery Of Machu Pichu"
                 Music Videos By Weird Al Yankovic
                 The Kids Choice Awards
                 Before Your Eyes (A CBS special)
                 The Making Of Disney's "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"
                 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve - 1997

401 - 600:  The David Letterman Video Special 3
                  The World's Greatest Magic 3
                  Suberbowl 25 Halftime Show
                  18th Annual American Music Awards
                  Rodney Dangerfield: "It's Lonely At The Top"
                  The Making Of Space Jam
                  The Paranormal Borderline
                  1996 Atlanta Olympics Gymnastics
                  Good Morning Mr. Hitler!
                  The 24th Annual American Music Awards (1997)
                  Behind The Scenes Of "Harriett The Spy"
                  The World's Funniest Outtakes 5
                  The Clio Awards
                  The American Experience: The Telephone
                  ABC's Wild World Of Sports: Tour Of Olympic Gymnastics Champions
                  Hey Hey, It's The Monkees
                  International Cup Gymnastics
                  Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas Celebration
                  MTV Unbugged: The "Joe's Apartment" Television Special
                  Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary Special
                  The Spike Jones Story
                  The Complete Weird Al
                  1990 MTV Video Music Awards
                   The Learning Channel's "Eye On History" - The Guided Missile
                   The Learning Channel's "Eye On History" - Hiroshima
                   In Concert: Fred Waring U.S. Chorus
                   Vanessa Mae; At The Royal Albert Hall
                   Behind  The Scenes Of Baywatch
                   U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials
                   International Team Gymnastics Championship
                   Max Zooms In: Christopher Lee
                   The Prince's Trust All Star Rock Concert
                   The American Experience: Hawaii's Last Queen
                   Nova: Titanic's Lost Sister
                   The Most Awesome Acts On Earth 2
                   Ordinary / Extraordinary
                   Steve Odekirk.Com
                   HBO / Cinemax Beyond the Screen; The Making Of "The Karate Kid 3"
                   ABC Sports; 1997 World Gymnastics Championships
                   E! - Air Distasters
                   American Muscle (BMX riders & stunts)
                   Hercules: From Zero To Hero
                   CBS Sports Show: World Professional Gymnastics Championship

601 - 800:    Explosion
                    The Wonderful Horrible Life Of Leni Reifenstahl
                    Nova: Hitler's Secret Weapon
                    A&E Biography: Nostradamus
                    You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown
                    Buster Keaton - "A Hard Act To Follow" Episode 3
                    The 2nd Annual Prince's Trust Rock Concert
                    U.F.O. 's: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught On Tape)
                    Tina Turner: Private Dancer Tour 1985
                    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: "Pack Up The Plantation"
                    1988 Iowa High School Wrestling Tornament
                    The Making Of "Daylight"
                    The Making Of "Cinderella" (Disney TV - 1997)
                    Mr. Bean: The Best Bits Of Mr. Bean
                    Images Of 1997
                    D-Day: The Liberation of France
                    Frontline: Apocolypse
                    The World Professional Figure Skating Championships
                    The Story Of Bruce Lee
                    Leslie Nielsen's "Bad Golf, My Way"
                    Saturday Night Live Remembers Chris Farley
                    The Making Of "From Dusk 'Til Dawn"
                    The Making Of "The Tune"
                    Lost In Space: A Behind The Scenes Journey
                    Mystery Of The Sphinx
                    How Hitler Lost The War
                    Will Vinton's Claymation Comedy Of Horrors
                    Empire Of The Air: The Men Who Made Radio
                    Funeral Of Diana, Princess Of Wales
                    The Kelley Family Infomercial
                    World's Scariest Police Chases 3
                    ABC News Report: Real Boys
                    The National Geographic Millenium Special
                    World's Most Amazing Videos
                    Computer Generated Animation Shorts By Pixar Studios
                    Good Grief, Charlie Brown! - A Tribute to Charles Schultz
                    Christmas In Washington (1997)
                    The Donny And Marie Show: "I Dream Of Genie" reunion
                    Titanic: Breaking New ground
                    The Making of "The Matrix"
                    Extreme Scene: BMX & Freestyle
                    Michael Jackson In Concert, In Bucharest - The "Dangerous" Tour
                    Behind the Scenes Of "Remote"
                    The World's Greatest Magic
                    Computer Animation Film Festival
                    The Donny And Marie Show: "Skatingpalooza"
                    Passions (1st Episode only)

Beta:           Shania Twain's Winter Break
                    Spitting Image: The 1987 Movie Awards
                    Spitting Image: Down And Out In The White House, parts 1&2
                    The Power Station
                    D-Day: The Liberation Of France
                    1945: A Year To Remember
                    NBC Sports: USA Cup Gymnastics
                    1997 Iowa State High School Wrestling Tournament
                    The 50 Best TV Commercials
                    Doctor Who: Return to Devil's End
                    Just Who On Earth Is.....Tom Baker
                    The Grand Knockout Tournament
                    Myth Makers Interview Of Tom Baker
                    The Gravity Games (weeks 2, 4)
                    Focus - The Internet
                    ABC Report: Brave New World
                    American Masters: Danny Kaye
                    Hitler: A Biography
                    Against All Odds: Napoleon And Hitler
                    1999 World Music Awards
                    48 Hours: American Tragedy (JFK Jr.)
                    Siskel & Ebert: That's Not All Folks! A Salute To Animation
                    1999 Little League World Series Championship Finals
                    Live! With Regis And Kathie Lee (Kathie Lee Gifford's last show)
                    Dateline NBC Special: Crash Of The Concorde
                    Elaine Boosler: Broadway Baby 

                    The Compleat "Weird Al"
                    Charlie Chaplin At Keystone
                    The Charlie Chaplin Carnival
                    The Chaplin Mutuals, Volume 2
                    The Compleat Beatles (b)
                    The Curious Case Of Santa Clause (b)
                    Dr. Who: "Shada"
                    Dastardly & Muttley
                    Dragon Strike (p)
                    Dorf On Golf
                    Dad, Can I Borrow The Car?
                    Games of The 23rd Olympiad (p)
                    Genesis: A History (Music videography) (p)
                    Genesis Videos, Volume 2 (p)
                    Go West; Aces And Kings, The Best Of The Videos (p)
                    Hanson: Tulsa, Tokyo, And The Middle Of Nowhere (p)
                    Imagine That (p)
                    I Want My Mtv (p)
                    It Came from Hollywood
                    It's Tough To Be A Bird
                    Joe Satriani: The Satch Tapes (p)
                    Late Night With David Letterman (p)
                    Mein Kampf
                    Moscow Music Peace Festival, Volume 1 & 2 (p)
                    Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch: Music For The People (p)
                    Moffats Home Video (p)
                    Metal Method Guitar Lessons - 6 volumes (p)
                    Madonna: The Immaculate Collection
                    Nostradamus: The Man And His Prophecies
                    The Prophecies Of Nostradamus
                    Uthanda (music videography) (p)
                    Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey
                    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Playback (p)
                    3-D Video Visions (p)
                    Weird Al Yankovic - "Allapalooza - The Videos" (p)
                    Weird Al Yankovic - "Bad Hair Day - The Videos" (p)
                    Weird Al Yankovic Video Library (p)
                    Wham! The Final (music videos) (p)
                    Wham! The Videos (p)                    
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