Welcome to the Movie want lists section of my tape trading site. If you have been here before, or wish to skip all the explanations that follow, click on "Enter" below. Otherwise, read onward.


In this section I have dumped about every movie title that I even remotely want or heard of, and that might interest me to watch someday. There are quite a few in this section, and it will take me years to even watch what I can. Some I may never get to see for a variety of reasons, but I'll do my best anyway. I would prefer all the titles in this section that were made before 1985 ,titles that sound obscure, or TV movies above all others first. I can buy/rent newer titles locally cheaper than the cost of a blank tape and postage.

Since there is a ponderous amount of titles in this section, I can provide a short list of what movies I would REALLY like to get hold of over those that I can live without for awhile. For all those future traders I may correspond with that prowl video stores and the internet for unusual videos, this will make it easier to carry around as opposed to 28 pages of wanted videos. Click on the links below to view the short lists, but don't get the mistaken notion that I don't want all the other recordings on the regular pages - I want all of them eventually.

                                    Most Wanted Movies - The Short List

                      Most Wanted T.V. shows - The Short List
Unidentified Recordings that I
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