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All tapes in my library have been for the most part recorded in EP/SLP save for those I received in a trade, or are purchased.

  I keep only the movies I like, or have paid for, and while I wouldn't have you not watch certain movies, there are movies that I would recommend if you are interested. You can get most of the movie titles I mention at your local video stores, and not nescessarily from me. I realise that there will be some disagreement with some I list, and some of you might actually hate some of the movies after you've watched them, but I list all of those I feel you should see if you haven't already. They may not all be great movies, but a lot of them left an impression on me.

                                   Recommended Movies

....And of course there are the movies I wouldn't wish on anyone;

                                            Garbage Movies

Also, the best way I feel you can view the pages in my library is to go to the library index page, click on the page you want, view it, and then use the "back" button on your browser window to return to the index page. This gives you the option of jumping around to different sections in the library, or to view one page after another in progression.